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Hello! Welcome to the ReMana blog

With graduation from business school around the corner (as well as baby #3's due date!) I figure there is no better time to begin sharing the ReMana journey with all of you. Thanks for following along!

It's so great to meet you!

I am Lindsay and I am the co-founder of ReMana. This journey of creating a new product designed to help breast-pumping mamas started about a year ago, and it’s really been amazing. And as we are getting closer to launching our first products, I thought it would be fun to start connecting with women not only about what we’re building but my journey doing it. I started this idea as a full-time student, mommy to 2 amazing kiddos, Aiden (5) and Avery (2), with number 3 on the way. I am working to start this company from the ground up, with my husband, Nathan. While the journey so far has been an awesome experience, not every day or week has been easy. In fact, trying to find the time to balance it all has been incredibly hard. I think it’s important for women to share what it is they are working on and to encourage other women where they can. You might not be in the exact same situation as me in founding a company, and you might not want to start one at any point. But I hope you’ll still find the content here fun, honest, and at times, inspiring. If nothing else, I’d love to share more about my family and mission to improve the lives of moms with all of you!

Content here will focus on sharing how I got to where I am with ReMana and will try to share some tactical details on starting a company if you all find it helpful for me to do that! But there will also be a lot of honest posts about finding balance in this journey and how to keep that as a priority as we keep moving ahead.

Thank you so much for your interest in following my founding story and I look forward to getting to know all of you better!

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