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 meet the people behind remana 

Lindsay, Co-founder

I'm Lindsay, the founder of ReMana and mom to Aiden, Avery and Ashton! This idea is so important to me for a lot of reasons: making things easier for moms, a healthier option for baby without the use of plastic and making a dent in the change that needs to happen to keep our planet as a beautiful place to be for generations to come. It's been so fun to connect with moms along the way in creating this system. I love the word MANA for describing moms, and I've loved getting to hear some of your stories. You're inspiring. 

I began working on ReMana while in business school at HBS and have been working on it for the last couple years. Previously, I spent about 6 years working in food, and some time home with my kids. In my free time, I love to take the kids on adventures, do crafts, cook, garden, watch sports, drink wine and talk about babies. And I've probably pumped over 1,000 bags of breastmilk, so I feel your pain. 

Nathan is my husband, father to our kiddos and partner in all things in life, including ReMana. Nathan works full-time right now, but has been there every step of the way on creating ReMana. He actually did more milk management than I did when it came to stacking bags, keeping them organized and prepping bottles. And he dealt with my tears when a bag would tear or he accidentally spilled the liquid gold when trying to pour from bag to bottle. (Which by the way is a terrible idea...trying to pour liquid from bags is nearly impossible!) 

Nathan also used to work in food (that's how we met) and is still a grocery shopping nerd at heart. In his free time he also loves adventuring with the kids, hiking, watching sports and drinking wine. Add in some biking and subtract some crafting and that's him. And he's definitely spilled more than 10 bags of milk. He feels your pain too. 


Nathan, Co-founder

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