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Our Mission
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MANA: noun, the power of the elemental forces of nature embodied in an object or person 

YOU are a ManaMama! And ReMana is all about creating products that empower you to do everything you want for your baby, without sacrificing so much time and sleep to do it! We know pumping is a huge commitment and you deserve a better system to make it easier.

With one bottle container to use from Pump to Store to Feed, we're aiming to simplify your life. No more transfer steps and spilling that precious milk. Our starter set will get you going with everything you need to stock up that freezer (in a space efficient way)!

Re: verb, the part of ReMana that allows you to Reduce the amount of plastic you're using and the amount of milk you're spilling; Reclaim the time you spent managing your milk each day; Reuse our containers again and again and stop spending so much on throw away plastic

Sometimes doing right by Mother Earth is hard. But at ReMana, we are committed to reducing waste.We feel so good about creating a product that is truly better for mama and baby to use and is better for our planet. 

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